Hi. I'm John Bouma.

I've been working as an event and portrait photographer in the South Florida area for around 13 years. Photography started out as a fun hobby, but my passion for it grew and I decided I wanted to pursue a career in it. Along with being mostly self-taught I found some very generous mentors who taught me invaluable skills along the way.

In the beginning of my career I found that volunteering my time in the community as a photographer was a great way to hone my skills and give back at the same time. This lead to another of my passions, which is helping out in the animal rescue community. I continue to volunteer my photography skills with local animal rescues and shelters in an effort to help find homes for homeless animals. Out of this passion I even started a separate pet photography business which you can learn about here - www.maxnorman.com . It was named after 2 of my cats, Max and Norman.

As my career has progressed I have developed relationships with many loyal clients and have had the privilege of capturing memories as their families have grown over the years.

I currently live with my 4 rescued cats - Ruby, Stanley, Cali and Libby.

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